Greetings, blogosphere, and welcome to Politico Watch. If you reading this, you are most likely a member of JO 540 Boston University’s Multimedia Journalism course.

In case you stumbled upon or StumbleUpon-ed this page for some other reason, here’s a quick introduction into the blog. As part of an online journalism course, this space will serve as “NewsTrack” for the political website Politico. The mission is stated as such in the syllabus:

“Students will select a news web site that they will monitor throughout the
semester, posting analysis and commentary about work that appears on the site.
Examples of questions to explore in your analysis:
• How well do they integrate multimedia and other features designed to
attract and engage their audience?
• How often do they launch new features?
• How does their coverage compare to other media (newspaper, TV, etc)?”

So check PoliticoWatch (or PW for short – let’s see if that catches on) for regular observation and evaluation of the “most interesting, controversial, engaging content.” This is a work in progress, so as the course advances, so will the aesthetics and content of the site. Also be sure to check out my colleagues and their site trackers for more multimedia discussion.

Thank you for reading!


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